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Introducing a new way to scent your home!  Our Fragrance Drops can be used in many different ways, including in wax warmers, diffusers, dryer balls, sweeper filters, home filters, potpourri, pine cones, cotton balls and placed in drawers...the possibilities are endless!

For use in wax warmers: Place 2 dropper fulls of Fragrance Drops into your warmer.  Our Fragrance Drops fully evaporate, last longer than traditional wax fragrance, and there is nothing to throw away!

For use in diffusers:  simply add a few drops to the diffuser water, and turn it on.

For absorbent material: Add a few drops to dryer balls, pine cones, potpourri, sweeper filters, home filters.  Can be placed on a cotton ball (or any other absorbent material) and placed in a drawer, or in your car door.

Available in a variety of scents!

Packaged in a 2 oz. glass bottle with dropper.

Will stain certain fabrics, so please test.

Scent Descriptions:



Ginger Lime-A bright and zesty lemon-lime blend combined with the warm and comforting notes of honeyed ginger for a sophisticated twist on a refreshingly clean combination.


Coral Reef-Tart lemon pulp blended with fresh flowers, warm sun kissed sand and sea water.


Lava Flow-Pineapple juice, strawberries and orange juice blended perfectly with coconut milk, and Malibu Rum with a hint of warm vanilla!


Avocado & Sea Salt- Salty marine notes blend with bright grapefruit, soft white rose, and creamy avocado to create this wonderful summer fragrance.


Clean Cotton-Our laundry scent without that “soapy” smell! Fresh green apple with hints of orange and pineapple mixed with a hint of musk.


Volcano: Tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, blended with lightly exotic mountains greens. Gorgeous scent!


Hillbilly Homebrew: Mulled cider with woodsy notes of oak, cinnamon bark and cloves, with hints of wild berries. A Best Seller for us!


Pink Lilac & Willow: The perfect lilac scent.


Pumpkin Crunch Cake: The aroma of creamy pumpkin pie filling with rich eagle brand milk, surrounded with freshly baked yellow cake, and melted butter, pecans, and hints of spice.


Island Spa: A revitalizing escape… the sunny citrus aroma of crisp juicy mandarins and vibrant lemon verbena.


Vanilla Bean: A sugary aroma of fresh vanilla beans.


Apple Cider Donut: Apple cider blended with a fried donut. This fragrance has spicy cinnamon blended with sweet, sugary vanilla and tonka bean.


Wild Peach Poppies: Delicious bursts of juicy peaches and zesty bergamot drenched in sugared vanilla.


Lavender Bellini: A gorgeous blend of Apricot, Pineapple, Lemon Zest, Lavender Petals, White Cyclamen and Sweet Nectar. Wow is this scent amazing!


Caribbean Salsa: A luscious and juicy blend of sweet pineapple nectar, bright citrus, and succulent fresh peach – perfectly infused with exotic Yuzu flower and Tahitian vanilla to delight the senses.


Ginger Spritz: Totally refreshing! This unique blend will have you coming back for just one more little sniff…it is awesome! Top notes of Mandarin Orange, Lemon and ginger; middle notes of Juicy Strawberry, Pear, Pineapple, and tiny hints of Macintosh Apple with bottom notes of Cinnamon, Green Leaves and Geranium.


Bourbon Pumpkin: Rich. Heavy. Strong. Unique. Pumpkin puree, hints of lemon and coconut, cassia root, mahogany wood and clove bud. Bottom notes of sweet, rich maple sugar, toasted oak and rich dark bourbon. 


Hot Orange Danish: This fantastic bakery scent goes the extra mile to provide you with a true fresh-baked aroma, with notes of fresh baked danish, orange zests, and the aroma of drizzled cream frosting.


Pink Sangria: A thirst quenching fragrance complete with Spanish sangria, Valencia orange, and tropical pineapple slices garnished with a sweet Maraschino cherry on top. 


Magnolia Orange Blossom:  A fresh and enticing medley of magnolia and African violets with sweet orange blossoms, apple slices, and red grapes.


Hawaiian Ginger: This scent is a tropical array containing notes of tangy pineapple, freshly-sliced summer melons, and crisp apple slices. Blended with vanilla and musk to make this fragrance a perfect blend.


Hibiscus Paradise:  Ruby Pomelo, Pink Grapefruit, Coral Hibiscus, White Lilies,blended gorgeously with Hawaiian Breeze,and Tropical Musk


Birthday Cake:  A mouthwatering great cake scent with a undertone of rich creamy vanilla.


Vanilla Chai: A satisfyingly rich and spicy recipe of ginger, cinnamon and vanilla. Great spice notes, and sweet cinnamon make for a hearty scent perfect for cozying up at home on a chilly night.

Tropical Soda Pop: An effervescent burst of juicy orange, sweet bing cherry and sparkling red raspberry blend with fruity floral notes of dried plum plus a pop of violet to create this mouthwatering soda fragrance.

Tea & Cucumber: Green tea infused with crisp cucumber alongside sparkling lime, eucalyptus, rose hips and a touch of sweet vanilla bean.

Sincerely Sugar: Fluffy Cotton Candy, Candy Drops, Sugared Lemon and everything sugar give this scent a unique twist! Full of sugar with none of the calories! One of our newest FAVES!

Summer Crush: Sweet and tart and totally fabulous. Sweet, ripe honeydew, hints of kiwi and mandarin.

Frosted Pumpkin: A warm, delicious recipe of pumpkin, spices, honey and maple topped with sugary vanilla frosting.

Cappuccino Espresso:Rich coffee with hints of toasted almonds.

Honey Pear Cider: Warm fresh, juicy pear with rich sweet honey together with hints of spice.

Lotus & Willow: A blend of sunkissed citrus, cucumber water, apple blossom, water lotus, red berries and willow mingle together to create the ultimate fresh spring day.

Apple Brown Sugar: Baked apple, cinnamon sugar and stewed pears blended together to create a cozy sweet tart.