Scented Body Mist


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Lighter than perfume, our body mists offer a delicate scent when applied. This is perfect for those who don't like the stronger scent in perfume and it is perfect for every day casual wear.

Directions: Mist lightly onto body. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. May stain certain fabrics. 


Carmella Rose:  A perfect blend of fruity, sweet and floral, this fits Mel to a T! Perfect for every day, but also for a night out on that special date. 

Taylor Ann: This youthful scent has an amazing blend of fruit with a base of musky vanilla and warmth.  Just as unique as Taylor, this fragrance is sure to be a hit!

Brooke Elizabeth: Channel your inner sophisticated girl with this fragrance.  This warm, floral fragrance makes you feel like the successful girl you are!

Meredyth Claire:  With a cheery personality, just like Meredyth herself, this fun, flirty scent is filled with fruits, floral and a bit of sweetness to round it out.  

Ruthie Louise: As determined and independent as Ruthie is, we knew we needed a scent to demand respect and loyalty.  With this flamboyant, warm and gorgeous blend we think we nailed this one!

Marie Jane: Like a secret garden where everything is serene, uplifting and full of wonder, we bring you Marie Jane.  Inquisitive,  just like Marie, this lighter floral scent is fresh, calm, and sweet!

Kylie Rose: With the freshest fruity scent, this blend is light, calming and sweet like Miss Kylie. As the youngest niece, we wanted to honor her with this fragrance that all ages can wear. 

Brynn Louise:  A fun and playful fragrance just like Brynn.  Designed for carefree, daring and free-spirited females,  this blend is made of fruit, flowers, woody notes and musk. 

Evangeline: All the smells of the Bayou which includes notes of citrus, wildflowers, oak, and sandalwood, create this romantically appealing fragrance.

Island Heat: A warm and strong blend of oranges and vanilla make it feel almost as if you're sitting on the beach looking out at the sunset over the ocean. 

Cocoa Cashmere: The complexity of warm spices, rich cocoa butter, olive wood and a touch of coconut sweetness combines to create a truly relaxing fragrance.

Vanilla Bean: A warm & sweet aroma of fresh vanilla beans.

Mystic Orchard: This fruity blend has a base of jasmine to bring the deeper mystical aroma to light.

Bahama Vacation: Peaches, Strawberries, Mangos... Oh My! These fruits are blended with a Bahama breeze scent

Coconut Clouds: A delicate and sophisticated fragrance that blends coconut, ripe blackberries and vanilla orchid with sheer cashmere and cotton candy musk. Such a gorgeous blend!