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Tired of unpleasant odors lingering in your home, car, or any space? Look no further! Introducing our powerful Odor Eliminating Spray designed to not only mask, but actually eliminate unwanted odors.


Our specially formulated spray targets and neutralizes odors at their source, ensuring a fresh and clean environment. Simply spritz the area with our refreshing spray and let its odor-fighting properties work their magic.

4 oz. 


  • Blues: Indulge your senses in the enchanting fragrance that combines the sweetness of orange with a captivating floral blend. The lush fern dances gracefully with the heart notes of rose, jasmine, and lilac, creating a bouquet of pure elegance.
  • Mango Madness: Escape to a tropical paradise with the irresistible aroma of our summertime treat. The blend of juicy mango, sweet pineapple, and luscious papaya captures the essence of sunshine and ripened fruit.
  • Wildest Dreams: Where the warm embrace of bergamot and coriander intertwines with delicate hints of jasmine, lavender, and rose. This harmonious symphony will ignite your wildest dreams. 
  • Island Breeze: Immerse yourself in this tranquil bouquet, where the delicate beauty of water lotus, lily of the valley, jasmine, and violet petals intertwines with the soothing allure of white musk and the invigorating essence of sea moss.
  • Lavender Chamomile: Delicate lavender petals blend harmoniously with a gentle touch of chamomile, creating a serene and calming aroma.
  • Cotton Blossom: Fresh notes of cotton blossom with subtle hints of lemon, mandarin, and rose.
  • Cashmere Sugar: Snuggle up with your favorite cashmere blanket and let your worries be no more! A luxurious and cozy blend of soft cashmere, warm amber, and spun sugar with hints of soft jasmine, tea rose, and pink peppercorn.
  • Flannel: An excellent fragrance that is both cozy and inviting, with a warm blend of bergamot, mahogany and a delicate veil of musk.


Distilled Water, Natural Odor Counteractants, Denatured Alcohol, Polysorbate 20, Fragrance, Germall Plus.

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