Hello all! Bringing back the blog feature!

Hey friends!  How are you all today?

So Mel and I have been talking about ways to get info out to all of you and we decided to start this blog back up again!  We want to bring you some info for topics that you are interested in!  Whether they be about products we offer, ingredients we use, how we formulate products and any other topics you want to discuss, share them with us!  We want to bring you all the info you want to find is one place!  We want to be your first place you look for info referring to natural, luxury products!  This one is going to be short, but we want your input!


Mel is very interested in keeping this blog going, so she will be here mostly sharing the info...(and she has developed her love of writing through starting college classes a year ago!).  So we will be doing this on a basis of when she has time to write and when we have info to share!  

So give us your ideas.  Your thoughts on what you are interested in hearing from us and all the things!  

And with that, I am heading back to restocking!  

Much love, 

Tracey & Mel

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It's been awhile, huh?


Marcia Herring September 22 2021

I’m so excited to share in this blog!! I’m loving so many of your products!! Thank you!!!

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