It's been awhile, huh?

Haha, well remember back in March when I said we were adding the blog back in and wanting to keep you up to date on all the things here?  Welllll....time just gets away from us doesn't it?  

So we haven't even discussed our Mineral Makeup with you!  We had different people inquiring over the last year for us to get into makeup, and I just didn't know if I really wanted to.  I thought, who in the world would trust us with makeup when there are a MILLION makeup brands already out there?  What could we possibly offer that the other brands don't?  How could we stand out?  

Want to know what changed my mind?  I heard someone say "If you don't think you can offer anything else in the same niche, go to the grocery store and look down the bread isle. Notice the tons of different bread companies in that isle.  And they are all still there, selling their bread."  Moral of the story, there are people buying bread every day. Some have there go-to. Some buy a brand only because they like other products that company offers. Some grab the first one they see.  And I realized, we will never be for everyone, BUT we can be the company that listens to what their customers want, and try like heck to make it happen. So insert the creation of our Mineral Makeup line!!  

We love it, our testers love it, and the customers who first got their hands on it are loving it.  Which tells me one all know what you reallllly want, and we want to say thanks for putting your trust in us to create it for you!  We can't wait to continue building out our Mineral Makeup line and bringing you along on this journey with us! 

Much Love, 


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Hello all! Bringing back the blog feature!


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